MrLameguy 2011-02-04 - 10:04am

really lame question from a really lame guy



I know that you guys are experts and my question may sound hilarious, but.. I've been to rock music for years, but recently I started to love guitars.. and by saying love, I mean really, REALLY love.. I try to find someone good to teach me and after many years lost on non-learning maybe I finally do something worthy.. anyways, I fell in love in one particular guitar, and what is more funny.. I even don't know what type of guitar it is.. I'm completely lame in that matter.. 


The one in the beginning of Santana's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" video from the "Guitar Heaven" album.. not the one during the solo, which is ofc PRS Santana, but the first.. is it electric acoustic, or.. I don't know.. I love it, I love it, it's beautiful and, and.. I don't know any words to describe it.. can someone tell me about it something more, like is it a good guitar to start with, what kind of guitar it is, etc.. 


big thanks in advance, looking forward for your soon response!

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