ibzRG 2010-07-04 - 11:04am


So I'm back home for a bit. It is wonderful to be reunited with the
rest of my guitars, especially the RG.  Yes the SG has grown on me and
sounds good and looks good and all, but she just is no match for my
hacked up RG.
Even after all the months of absence, the RG felt
comfortable right away. No adjustment period. Like old pals. I missed
the longer neck, better balance and WHAMMY. :-)
And best of all: It is still in (relative?) tune since I left it
in March!!! Just pick up and play. Gotta love a locking nut.
my computer did not fare so well during my absense. I let my dad use it
while I was away and suffice to say I have to reinstall everything...


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