angus g 2011-07-05 - 1:11pm


Hey there people, how about having a crack at this one for me please: I'm trying to practice some ascending and decending runs on the fingerboard. I'm not all that comfortable yet with using the entire neck (so to speak), 3rd. and 4th finger slides are where I'm at, as well as trying to get used to barre positions. Anyway I'm all over the place here trying to explain myself here with this stuff but I'm as much a rookie with this explanation as I am with these runs. What I'd like to ask is this, does anyone know of a lesson online or some such thing that will help me to grasp this stuff, I know it's as much about practice practice practice, but a bit of theory or explanation would go a long way at this point.
So thanks for your time and patience here, and cheers to any who offer a hand.
Thanks again, angus

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