go4it 2010-07-08 - 2:51am

sales tax on medical pot

I guess the politicians really want to legalize pot, but how are they going to do it.
Well I put my thinking cap on:
1. Spend more money than the city or state takes in on taxes.
2. A preplan on how to introduce pot legally by the same politicians who "supposeable" oppose the legalizing of it.
3. Get the public to approve medical use of pot and have the politicians verbably present themselves as against it
4. Hey everybody, we need more sales tax money, but were are already charging 10 percent and heck this is America, surely we can't go to 15 percent. Let's get the public wanting/believing that they are doing something good and have them propose the legalization and taxation of pot and we politicians say well it is the public who wants it not us...
gosh, I tried to post the link, how do i do it

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