eds1275 2010-08-02 - 10:08am

swapping out the starter motor on a truck

The starter went on my truck, and I can fix just about anything, but for some reason have always shied away from automotive repair. A new starter is $120 plus I need some jack stands [$25 for a pair of 2-ton stands at Canadian Tire] - the repair shop wants to charge me $400+. After doing my research it looks like a few bolts and making some electrical connections. Anyone swapped one out before? If that's all there is to it, I'll do it myself.
It is ESPECIALLY unfortunate because I brought the truck into the back yard, cut down a tree, and loaded it into the truck where it proceeded to break down. It had been going for a while, having trouble starting and I originally thought it was the alternator, but through my investigations I have confirmed it's the starter motor.

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