lotionsandoils 2011-07-23 - 9:36am

third guitar purchase.

So, i have, over the past few months, begun to write and record my own songs, which has been a total blast and eye-opening. i have my little home studio running Logic Pro and i couldn't be happier. Except one problem that has been coming up, and i sounds petty i know, but it is truly a problem: i only have two guitars. Currently, i have a Rickenbacker 360 and a '72 Tele Deluxe (RI) that i use. I use both as rhythm and "lead" guitars, but now,i know, i need something different, some other guitar that would be used for "lead" only. something that would stick out in a mix (that is the problem i'm having, i want tone to separate the guitar tracks not volume). I am loyal to no brand and, while price is a concern (less than $800), it shouldn't hinder my search. My guess here is it has to be a solid body guitar. beyond that, i am not sure. This is not a, what is your favorite guitar question, this is truly a -i need help because there are too many options out there- problem. Some specific guitar that would fit in nicely with the two others (for example, a Dan-Electro would not, a Gretsch ProJet might) and a reason why it would. my music style is probably under the non-descriptive guise of "Indie"- but i'm not sure if that means anything, anymore. for more accurate style comparison go here: http://soundcloud.com/lotions-and-oils

thank you all so much in advance.

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