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USPS delivery times

OK so  ordered something not guitar related but will help me build something for my studio - I'm making something that is both epic and awesome. I started on December 31st and am almost done construction... then its the wiring and stuff I need to do. And I need a specialty tool to cut a slot in the MDF.

I ordered over 2 weeks ago. And though it makes sense to take this long if it was for example stuck at the border, the tracking would have been updated if it DID get to the border [I'm in Canada], because it would have gone to Canada Post.

So my question is, is USPS experiencing some sort of problem? My american friends joke that USPS hates canadians and lose mail on purpose, though I don't believe them it hasn't helped me feel any better about it. First class mail supposedly takes up to 3 business days - so then it would be at the border maybe for a few days and 3 more if that for canada post. Not over 2 weeks. Contacting USPS has led to the reply "check your tracking number". I'm not happy with that answer, why did I pay the extra for shipping...


Anyway, I will post pics of the project - after I cut the slot and tolex it. I'm sure you all will like it! I'll be retolexing a JCM900 head as well when I have the tolex out and making a tutorial with lots of pics if anyone is interested.

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