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video games and "classic" gaming

Well if you read my post about my arcade machine I'm building you know I like the older games.

It seems today that games are heading back in the direction of arcade-style gaming. Which of course is easy to play, hard to master. Ginormous example: Angry Birds. Anbother one - Trials HD.

I do love the newer games for example Mass Effect but rarely have time for games like that these days. It's true what they say about being self-employed - there are no days off, just days you don't get paid. On my down time in the evenings I do like to play some easy going games. I just wanted to share some rather ridiculous situations I've found myself in these past few weeks.

#1 - 2 weeks ago, I went to a birthday party for a friend, had a few drinks at the bar, and left the party early to visit some friends [I live on an island so when I go to the mainland I try to make my rounds visiting the friends I "left behind"]. I drank a ridiculous amount of beer... when mine was gone I dipped into my friends' wifes beer lol. We were up until 7:30 am playing N64 - WCW Vs Raw. It was glorious.

#2 - Last week I took an old computer [OLD - 600mhz celeron processor, 256 mb sd ram] and put on a bunch of emulators and games for my friend who had his xbox RROD. I got 2 wired xbox 360 controllers for cheap, and then we were up until 4am playing those old Sega Genesis games - Eternal Champions, Earthworm Jim, even Jeopardy Deluxe.

Those 2 "game days" were the most fun I've had playing video games in literally years.

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