slowriot 2011-01-15 - 12:39pm

Vintage PLUSH Tube Amp HELP!!!

===I need some advice guys. I came across a 72 Plush Congress IV head, 100 watts of pure badassness and I LOVE the tone from this thing! A LARGE problem is that there is practically no info on these amps ANYWHERE.
===The problem I'm having is when turning the amp to standby, I get a loud rushing water sound...and i don't think it's the tubes. Ive replaced all the 6L6's and 3 of the 8 preamp tubes, tapped on all of them with no sounds, dings, whistles...nothing...WHAT ELSE CAN IT BE? It also gets REALLY muddy during heavy rhythm parts...
===I'm playing out of a custom Kustom cabinet that has been modified with a Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker and one Celestion G12T-75 12" Speaker.
===One final note...Do not write off PA heads just because they say PA on them...I also have a 76 Fender PA 100 that kicks the crap out of a Fender Twin, and I TRADED MY MESA to get it...
====please help...I love this amp but its becoming unplayable...
*Just because it says PA doesn't mean it sucks, and JUST because it says Mesa doesn't mean it rocks...*

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