volume attenuator?

So in honor of earth hour, I dropped $400 on one of the most electricity/money wastin'est devices ever made; a tube amp (212 deville). I think I could have done worse, but feel free to correct me as belligerently as possible if I'm wrong. Yes, this is my first experience with anything tube-related.

Anyhow, I've seen a few of these volume attenuators (small box with a knob, in and out jacks, runs through the fx loop) on ebay that I've had to weed through to look for the crap I actually intended to shop for, but now I'm wondering if I would actually have a use for one. I hate most of my neighbors, but have no desire to give them a reason to call the cops on a noise complaint (though it's usually those slimeballs that are blasting some godaweful racket at odd hours, but...golden rule...) so the idea of getting "that tone, maaaaaaaaaaan" at as low a volume level as possible is pretty appealing.

I've looked at some schematics and it seems like something simple enough to throw together myself, but at least one page I looked at suggested this only for amps in the 30W and under range. Maybe it just applied to the particular fader pot thingamajigger the author suggested, maybe it didn't. Maybe I should go back and actually read that stupid page. Maybe I should have looked into a 1x8 rather than a mother#&($ing 2x12. Maybe I should save my money for better living arrangements instead of fantasizing about the twackers in the neighborhood getting evicted/mutilated. Maybe I should go to bed. But I digress. 

Anyhow, does anyone have any experience with using an attenuator?  Suggestions? Schematics ? Parts recommendations? Hateful comments?

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