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Wake Up And Stop The Destruction Of Mother Earth

Robert Lauri has just released new songs on video and for his fans on Facebook. He meshes music and images together perfectly to express his soul.

Robert Lauri has the infinite talent to create something completely new and innovative each time. His new clips represent different musical genres from his latest albums.

"Les Signes" - (Signs) shows us Robert's expert guitar playing skills. As a child he played a Gibson. It was bigger than he was! Listen to "Signs" and you will enjoy Robert's cord playing abilities.
The imagery and scenery in the video clip communicate a compelling message. This message reaches deep down into your soul and makes you think about our environment here on Earth and our effects on the ecology. This video should be shown around the world to make all of mankind think twice about our lives and what we are doing to our planet.

"Open the door" is another sample of Robert's guitar skills with the Caribbean influences and gives a "groovy" feeling.

"Someday" is an americana and country song in true Robert Lauri style. The video clip forms the perfect background for bringing together the instrumental harmony and the lyrics into one fantastic piece.

In the "Sweet Milla" clip, Lauri excels in piano play and demonstrates his experience as a professional musician. The soft piano music is soothing and images of nature, birth and beauty evoke strong feelings of awe and inspiration. The images that move in perfect time with the music elicit strong emotions on the part of the viewer. Lauri appropriately dedicates this video to the parents of the world.

"Energy", a cheerful pop instrumental piece with a sensual interlude captures our attention. We just can't stop listening it until the end.

"Storm" takes us on a journey into a world of colors, floating in magic: full of dreams and imagination.

With "Daydream" we are projected into a Western movie with that special country and Western sound. It is an extraordinary melody that touches you with its refreshing country music rhythm.

In summary, Robert Lauri knows exactly how to get deep down inside of our emotions with his wide variety of musical genres, but all with his wonderful sense of harmony.

Check out Robert Lauri's new video clips on You Tube! The unique visuals in these video clips have been created by the talented artist, Anna Clara Passarelli. She translated in a subliminal way the different musical worlds of Robert Lauri's songs.

Just kick back, relax and enjoy listening to Robert Lauri's broad spectrum of songs and instrumental music, while feasting your eyes on the visuals in his video clips.

You can download all his songs from iTunes, and others.

More info on the artist:

Watch "Les signes" by Robert Lauri on Youtube:
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