the_wylde_one 2011-02-03 - 7:50pm

We Surrender!

Please Old Man Winter... no more snow for Canada's east coast.  A weekly snow storm is over-kill.  The snow banks around my house are already over 6 feet high, soon my front windows will have the view of the street replaced by a wall of snow;  and I find myself not only clearing snow from my driveway but also digging a trench along my back yard fence so the dogs can't walk over it. (the fence is 6 feet  high and only about 2 feet is visible above the snow)


~~waves white flag of surrender, until he realizes even if Old Man Winter is not blind yet, the flag blends in with the snow anyway and will likely go un-noticed~~


I guess it could be worse... I haven't forgotten the Great White Attack of 1992.  A 3 day long Blizzard that left single story homes were buried.  Our 2 story house had a snow drift reaching the bedroom window on the second floor.  It took 3 days to find the car in our driveway and another 3 days for the snow plow to clear the road (the snow plow got stuck in a snow drift) and the city of Moncton was officially shut down for nearly a full week after the snow stopped.



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