zombre 2010-07-27 - 12:31am

What are you playing right now?

I'm playing pretty much what's in the video. (Sorry about the quality, but I'm getting lazy of late...) Ibanez Universe through a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401 Superlead. I've sort of adopted the use of a line6 Podxt through the fx loop, mostly because it's small and provides me with the basics, delay, flange, etc.
I know a lot of people hate this particular amp, but I love it for a couple of reasons;
1)I've had it for a long time and really suffered with it.
2)FXLoop actually adds more gain when cranked, especially if there's wire connected to complete loop.
3)It barks... Seriously. It has a sort of 'squeak' that I can't seem to get out of any other amp, and although I kinda hated it initially, I love that characteristic now.
4)3 channels, damn that's easy. clean, OD1 and OD 2. And it's not too saturated a tone, either so it really forces ya to work for it.
5)No one else likes 'em. This means I can probably pick them up for pretty cheap on ebay or at the local music store when everyone else gives up on 'em.
So enough about me, what are YOU using? And why?

Like It!

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