Zoomba7 2010-06-17 - 10:46am

What does your set up look like?

I am starting this thread for people to share what their recording rigs look like. I am looking for a compete description of the gear you use, programs you use, and problems/frustrations you might have....aka EVERYTHING!!!!!
I currently have a simple set up.
MAudio FireWire410 Audio Interface
Macbook with Logic Express 8, Reason, and Garageband
MXL mics (i think 110 and 100 or something like that)
Planet Waves Firewire cable, and 1/4'' and mic cables.
Fender Strat, Fender Acoustic/Electric, Squire Bass and a Yamaha s90es 88 key keyboard.
Problems: I can never get vocals to come in clear and crisp. I always have to put effects on them for them to stand out.

Stephen Mucciolo

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