sallan 2010-08-19 - 1:56am

What's Your Musical Heritage and/or Upbringing?

This is a thread about your musical heritage, upbringing, and musical experience up to this point.       

People got stories, and I've spoken with more than a few posters on this site at one time or another have shared some really cool stories about their musical lives while they were coming up. What music did you listen to when you were a kid, and if you are a kid, what musics were you moved by before you started listening to what you are listening to now?        

Also interested in what your cultural music is...any traditional musics associated with your culture that play a unique role in the path that brought you to music, or the musical style(s) you play?    

I'll let this sit here for a while before I share a few stories...don't think there has ever been a thread "quite" like this on any incarnation of let's break some new ground gentleman, and ladies!      


I hate your music and/or band
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