ibzRG 2010-08-16 - 8:54am

Which Duncan for the Epi???

Long story short, the bridge 'bucker in my Epi SG is bust (both coils) and is not worth my time rewinding. I was going to replace it anyway and I guess the time has come.
The Epi's stock armament is two epi-'57s and one epi-'57plus. The former measure some 9.5k impendance. The latter I can't measure since both coils are now bust.
My master plan was to put a JB in the bridge, but after reading some bad reviews about its 'sterile' cleans I got cold feet. So I'm also considering the Custom or the Custom 5. Still duncan's pickup chooser gizzmo consistently brings up the JB.
The sound I'm after is hotter and brighter than the epi but still with a sweet midrange rather than screaming highs. I'm trying to stay in the spirit of a more classic sound rather than throw in a DiMarzio shredmachine or another (dimarzio's tone wizzard keeps suggesting the tonezone or d'activators and what not).
Does anybody have any useful input on these duncans?
The closest I've tried is the duncan-designed equivalent to the JB in my bro's ESP LTD. Sounds very nice in hot settings, bit indifferent in cleans (but not muddy like my bust epi).


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