sallan 2011-02-11 - 6:54pm

Who's buying vinyl?

I recently came across a mid 90's seven inch of a friends band that I went ahead and bought (regardless of the fact I have no record player) and it got me thinking about the format again. Regardless of the old which sounds better argument, I'm curious to know who is buying vinyl these days? I mean Lady Gaga is releasing 7' discs...who is buying that, and listening to it? 

Vinyl is allegedly making a comback, especially among indies, but I can not seem to find the evidence of this. Anyone have any insight? And I'm talking NEW music, not old records from thrift shops...who knows anybody, or any band, that is putting out their stuff on vinyl today, and those who are listening too, or buying it? Anyone???



I hate your music and/or band

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