AC15VR Valve Reactor 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp

By the_wylde_one, on Oct 3 2011 at 2:11am

Type: AC15VR Valve Reactor 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp

Manufacturer: Vox

Model: Vox

Date Purchased: 05/2011

Purchased At: found it on Kijiji

List Price: $450.00

Street Price:

Price Paid: Free


Special Features:

That 'Vox Sound' at unbeatable value! The AC15VR packs in everything from Vox jangle to articulate crunch - and you can dial a range of tones in between. The secret behind this affordable combo amp's amazing tones is in the 'VR' in the 15-watt AC15VR's name. VR stands for Valve Reactor, technology Vox has been working on for a while - it's inside their renowned ToneLab pedals. What VR does, is bring you more of the sound, feel, and dynamic range that you'd expect from an all-tube amp - only with

What I Liked:

The price - I bought a Les Paul from a guy on Kijiji and he threw in the amp at no extra cost.

It sounds great and is perfect for going to jam sessions or gigs in small venues.

It's a so-called hybrid amp and has a tube preamp.  This is supposed to give the amp a warmer tone than full solid state, but a tube power amp produces a number of harmonics that are considered desireable and would be a better option for a hybrid amp; but I like the tones I get from this thing.  It's worth the price.

What I Disliked:

I didn't get a footswitch with it.  This would be a nice feature and since I have a vox footswitch from another amp I owned in the past which is not compatable with this amp, I may trade it for the correct switch.

What I Would Change:

Nothing... although I would be curious if someone would make a hybrid amp with a Solid State preamp and tube power amp to see if it actually does sound better than the configuration of this amp.


I was originally going to sell this amp to recoupe some of  the money I spent on the Les Paul.  Since then I've gotten a pedal with Stereo outputs and decided to keep the amp.

If your looking for an amp to lug to small gigs and practices these can usually be found for around $200 used.  They also make a decent practice amp

Like It!

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