B.C. Rich ASM 1 Electric Guitar Pearl Black

By TheNoose, on Mar 27 2012 at 5:31pm

Type: B.C. Rich ASM 1 Electric Guitar Pearl Black

Manufacturer: B.C. Rich

Model: ASM1PBK

Date Purchased: 10/2012

Purchased At: Brandon Dale Guitars

List Price: $299

Street Price:

Price Paid: $320


Construction: bolt-on Body wood: basswood Top style: flat top Tuners: B.C.


Rich die-cast Fretboard: rosewood Frets: 24 jumbo Scale: 25 1/2" Bridge: Vintage tremolo Pickups: B.C.


Rich B.D.S.M. Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone


What I Liked:

My guitar that I bought came in a package that included a tuner, extra strings, and a plug-in. I like that guitar quite a bit it's easy to play and since it doesn't have locking tuners it's easy to tune. It comes with a standard wammy and I like the shape of it overall. Definitely good for starters.

What I Disliked:

If you don't take the wammy off the guitar when you travel it comes untuned, but that happens with most guitars that don't have locking tuners. Also it comes untuned with the weather I once had a string that was a whole step down just because it was humid.

What I Would Change:

Nothing too drastic maybe just the style of the wammy.


Good for new players.

Like It!

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