Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar Piezo Bridge, Mystic Dream

By j.d.hall, on Mar 10 2011 at 6:27pm

Type: 7 String Guitars

Manufacturer: Ernie Ball/Music Man

Model: John Petrucci 7-String Signature Guitar

Date Purchased:

Purchased At: Long & McQuade

List Price:

Street Price:

Price Paid: $2395.00

-Basswood body, Bird's Eye Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard.

-24 medium jumbo frets, 25.5" scale length, 15" radius.

-Floating bridge, Schaller M6-IND locking tuners, with pearl buttons.

-DiMarzio custom John Petrucci neck humbucker and DiMarzio D Sonic-7 bridge humbucker.

-Piezo bridge.

-"JP" shield fingerboard inlays.

-"Mystic Dream" green/purple colour changing finish.




What I Liked:

-Warm, smooth, singing lead tones with plenty of sustain.

-Heavy duty crunchy rhythm tones.

-Piezo bridge is convincing when used with a proper acoustic amp.

-The non Music Man John Petrucci bridge setup has superior sustain in comparison to a traditional Floyd Rose bridge.

-String changes are a breeze, no fine tuners to adjust, the Schaller locking tuners are so easy to work with.  NEVER GOES OUT OF TUNE!!!

-5-bolt neck attachment, very sturdy, no intonation or tuning problems.

What I Disliked:

-The DiMarzio D Sonic-7 bridge pickup is position such that the solid bar faces the bridge, thus tightening up the lows, however, this causes somewhat shrill highs.  I like to switch between neck and bridge pickups, depending on where on the neck I'm playing, and because of this, there was a lack of balance.  Playing around the 10th position on this guitar caused a bit of indecision as the bridge pickup would be too bright, and the neck pickup would be too warm.

What I Would Change:

If I still had this guitar, I would change the pickups to a set of John's new signature DiMarzio pickups, the Crunch Lab 7 bridge pickup and the Liquifire 7 neck pickup.  John's new setup with these pickups has the solid bar on the bridge pickup facing the neck, even on the 7-string guitars, which I imagine would have solved my imbalance issue.


Overall, this is a really beautiful guitar.  It is well built, holds a tune and intonation extremely well, and the electronics are noise-free.  When I first received this guitar, the piezo pickup saddle for the 5th/A string was dead.  A tech at Long & McQuade replaced this saddle for me, which corrected the piezo functionality, however, something he did must have caused a sharp edge, as it became very easy to break the 5th/A string at the bridge, often for no apparent reason.  I never did get this fixed, as I was somewhat worried about other maladies that might come about.  I only owned this guitar from March of 2007 until August of 2008, as I sold it, mostly for financial reasons, but also because I was fed up with the aforementioned problems.  I still really enjoy John's tones, so I would definately consider ordering another one.  The new Petrucci models thankfully come loaded from the factory with the aforementioned Crunch Lab/Liquifire combination, which I think I would like even better.  I would also opt for a much simpler model:  dot inlays, standard Music Man colour and no piezos.

Like It!

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