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Fender Jaguar 3 Tone Sunburst 1964

By j.d.hall, on Mar 10 2011 at 6:36pm

Type: Electric Solid Body Guitars

Manufacturer: Fender

Model: Jaguar

Date Purchased:

Purchased At: Private Sale

List Price:

Street Price:

Price Paid: $500.00

-Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard.

-22 frets, 24" scale length, 7.25" radius.

-SS pickup configuration.

-Lead/rhythm circuit.

-Non-original metallic orange paint finish.

What I Liked:

-Very easy to play, great clean tones!

-When used with a noise gate and a high amount of gain, the neck pickup produces a great shred tone.

-Vintage, well played feel.

-Stays in tune, great intonation and action.

What I Disliked:

-The bridge pickup is kind of dead, which I'm assuming is due to it sitting with its pole pieces so far away from the strings.  Either way, I only use the neck pickup on this guitar.

-The incredibly short 24" scale length makes it difficult to cleanly voice complex chords.

-Also due to the short scale length, when bending, it tends to "fret out" very easily, regardless of how high the action is set.

What I Would Change:

-Nothing, it's my Dad's guitar, and it's a classic piece of vintage Fender history.


It's probably not for everyone, but it's the guitar I learned to play on, and I've been able to get many good tones out of it.  

My Dad acquired this in a private sale in 1982 from the original owner.  The original owner states it's a 1964 model, however, the paint finish was changed to a metallic-orange colour, and the serial number on the neckplate says it's a 1965 model, according to Fender's serial number list.  I'm still in the process of trying to accurately date it.

As mentioned before, this is the guitar I started on, and after moving away from it for a while when I had my Music Man Petrucci model, ultimately, I've come back to it, and it still feels good to play.

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