Fishman Loudbox Performer Amplifier - LBX-300

By theka, on Nov 2 2010 at 2:54pm

Type: Amps & Preamps

Manufacturer: Fishman

Model: unknown

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2 x 6.5 inch Woofer: 80W amplifier


SPL @ 1 Meter: 117dB SPL


130W RMS, cumulative, tri-amped power with active crossover


Channel 1 - Dedicated Instrument Channel


Channel 2 - Instrument or Microphone Channel


Special Features:

With all the features a gigging performer demands, Fishman's Loudbox Performer 130W two channel amplifier is lightweight, compact and ultra-flexible. Three bands of EQ with feedback-fighting controls give you incredible control over your tone. It also implements an unprecedented triamplified design using select speaker components to give you the most natural reproduction of your instrument.

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