Godin MultiAc Nylon with Synth Access - Natural High-Gloss Acoustic/Electric Guitar

By theka, on Nov 2 2010 at 2:51pm

Type: Flattop Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Manufacturer: Godin

Model: unknown

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Body and Neck: Mahogany


Top: Solid Spruce


Fingerboard: Ebony


Scale: 25 1/2 inch


Pickups: RMC micro sensors with synth access


Special Features:

In 1994 Godin debuted the Multiac, another major step in the evolution of the acoustic/electric guitar. Not only has the Multiac set a new standard for amplified acoustic guitar sound but also includes an interface for direct connection to Roland GR-series synths. The superb tracking (the speed of the synth response in relation to the guitar) is often mistakenly credited to the Multiac electronics. Make no mistake the RMC system in the Multiac is truly state of the art, but the Multiacs are dist

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