Marshall MG15FXMS Micro Stack Black

By kidhendrix, on Jul 6 2011 at 6:49pm

Type: Amps & Preamps

Manufacturer: Marshall

Model: MG15FXMS

Date Purchased:

Purchased At:

List Price:

Street Price:

Price Paid: $350.00


15 Watt


Speaker Type: 1 x 10in - 2 Off


Channels: 4


Digital FX


Digital Reverb


Special Features:

The stack is back and it's still a Marshall! Taking the fantastic tone and features of the MG15FX combo amplifier and delivering it in an awesome compact stack format! The MG15HFX is the ultimate package for all those who have always wanted to rock out in their living room or bedroom but didn't have the space. The MG15HFX delivers not only the best possible sound set but delivers it through the most flexible interface possible putting guitarists back in control of their sound.

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