MXR Dyna Comp Effects Pedal

By ryanhahnmusic, on Sep 1 2011 at 5:57pm

Type: MXR Dyna Comp Effects Pedal

Manufacturer: MXR

Model: Dyna comp

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Constant output signal


Compression circuit


Sensitivity control


Superb tone


Special Features:

The M-102 Dyna Comp is a compressor that allows you to set an output level and the sensitivity at which it kicks in. This device can produce that percussive, clicky sound on a clean guitar - the mainstay of 80s pop players - or a mellow sustain for lead work. The M-102 is designed to capture the sound and performance of the originals which it does with an authentic vintage flavor. Rack spotters may have noticed several Dyna Comps in Dave Gilmourâs monster system.

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