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TC Electronic G-System Floor Based Guitar Effects/Management System 25 Effects, 5 Discrete Loops, Amplifier Switching

By sminchk67, on Mar 5 2011 at 1:05am

Type: Multi-Effects

Manufacturer: TC Electronic

Model: G-System Limited

Date Purchased: 08/2010

Purchased At:

List Price: 1,499.00

Street Price:

Price Paid: 1,199.00



What I Liked:

Everything! The pristine effects, very simple layout, ease of operation and programming...PLUS, the pedal board is the best around!

Another great thing about the G-System is that TC Electronic is constantly updated the software and adding new effects.

Also, I bought this unit bundled with the TC Nova Drive pedal, it's the only overdrive I need! It's an analog pedal, but it's digitally controlled by the G-System via a Midi cable, giving me 18 different overdrives and distortion pedals in one!

What I Disliked:

So far, no problems.

What I Would Change:



BUY IT!!! Unless you have the money to buy an AxeFX (and a foot controller), you can't get a better effects unit!

Like It!

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