By the_wylde_one, on Dec 15 2010 at 7:51pm
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Type: Amps & Preamps

Manufacturer: Traynor

Model: YCS50H 50 watt tube guitar amp head

Date Purchased: 12/2009

Purchased At: Long & McQuade, Moncton, NB

List Price: $899

Street Price:

Price Paid: $849

What I Liked:

Dual class settings (15 watt class A or 50 watt class AB), clean and dirty channels. 


Each channel has 2 different voicing options.  Clean has USA/BRIT (think Fender/Marshall), bright switch and Expander (gives a kind of acoustic quality to the clean tone).  Dirty has a Modern switch (think high gain Mesa sound vs vintage Marshall), footswitchable BOOST.  There is also a master control for resonance and presence.  Each Channel also has independant spring reverb which is footswitchable.


2 Year transferable UNLIMITED Warranty - 2 years from date of manufacture, so check the date of manufacture on the amp, if it's a significant time from the purchase date, take advantage of any extended warranty you can get from your retailer, but if it was built relatively close to the purchase date their warranty is very good... assuming you aren't leaving it out in the rain or some moronic thing, they will even cover damage due to breakage.

What I Disliked:

My first amp was defective.  There was something wrong that caused an intermittant issue where for no apparent reason the amp would suddenly lose volume.  After taking the amp to be checked 2 times for the same issue it was replaced and there have been no issues with the replacement amp.  In fact the tone is more impressive in this amp than the defective one also.

What I Would Change:

add a 16 ohm speaker out, this way you could use just about any cabinet combination in a single cab configuration. 


if what you need is a versatile amp that has some good tones to it and doesn't break the bank the YCS series Traynor amps are great.  Most amps in this price range that have similar features cost almost 2 times the money. 


I would also like to point out that although pedals are not needed for good overdriven or distortion tones on this amp, it love pedals.  I've put a BOSS SUPER OVERDRIVE, MARSHALL JACKHAMMER and VISUAL SOUND ANGRY FUZZ in front of this thing and it just goes insane.


I play lots of different styles that require anything from very clean to very distorted and everything in between.  This amp can do it all and do it well.


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