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Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo

By the_wylde_one, on Oct 3 2011 at 2:43am

Type: Pedals

Manufacturer: Visual Sound

Model: unknown

Date Purchased: 09/2011

Purchased At: Long & McQuade

List Price: ?

Street Price:

Price Paid: $150


Following is the unedited review that Guitarist magazine (UK) wrote about the H2O pedal:


From overdrive experts Visual Sound, this âliquid chorus and echoâ pedal offers enough sounds for even the fussiest player


For the many small, quirky effects manufacturers weâve recently had the pleasure of meeting, it can be a long and frequently unattainable climb to worldwide recognition


Unlike the bigger companies, you donât have the vast marketing budgets necessary for getting glossy photos of your product into every relevant magazine


Whatâs more, there are far less opportunities for developing endorsement deals with well-known players


Special Features:

H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo continues the Visual Sound tradition of combining two professional quality effects into one reasonably priced pedal. First, you get liquid analog chorus created by using rare NOS BBD ("bucket brigade") chips. With controls for Speed, Width, and Delay Time, you can get an endless variety of chorus sounds from subtle to lush to under water. Then thereâs the echo channel. Up to 800ms of analog voiced, digital echo. You can switch from short to long echo times on the fly and dial in just the right settings with the familiar controls: Echo Time, Repeats, and Effect Level. H2O even has a second output jack for sending a dry (uneffected) signal to a second amp. And if you prefer to have an effected signal going to your second amp, the pedal can be easily modified to accomodate that. Like other Visual Sound pedals, you can use either channel by itself or combine them together. Just stomp on both switches at the same time to switch from one channel to the other or to turn them both on or both off.

What I Liked:

Chorus and Delay in one pedal for only $150 used.

Stereo outputs

What I Disliked:

The new V2 series version of this pedal has better switches and a Normal/Lush switch on the chorus... but I didn't feel the extra $50 was worth it.

What I Would Change:

nothing... to be very honest, I didn't notice a lot of difference in the sound of this pedal or the V2 series H2O


If you can get past the fact the V2 series switches are better quality, get this pedal instead.  In terms of sound they're nearly identical. 

Like It!

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