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tabs rock.

The best place on the web to get accurate, high fidelity tab. At home and on-the-go. Pro user contributors and high-quality formats such as Guitar Pro™, resulting in a reliable source for all your guitar tabs.

The gear
is here

Browsing, searching, researching, hunting down something you saw on stage at a gig? Find it here. We are rapidly building the web's most filtered, curated and well presented gear repository. We're also going to provide some awesome new research tools and help you locate retailers to buy.

Immersive photo galleries

We’re compiling a vast library of photographs as part of our Galleries section of the site. Curated to the highest standards and presented in a highly controllable browsing and search-friendly format, we also invite users to contribute.

Read all about it.


All the latest news lands here. We find and curate meaningful, interesting, and useful news information from around the industry and the web. Delivered in an engagingly formatted layout, we think Guitar.com will become the place you go for guitar, gear, artist, and related news.


Accomplished artists and recognizable names delivering highly insightful perspectives on guitar, gear, the industry, and related areas. We’ll feature editorial columns by artists, writing on the areas of interest that matter most to guitar players.


Idols, masters of their craft, it’s exciting to discover something new about your favourite artist or gear brand name. We bring you the hottest interviews from artists new and classic. We’ll also get you the scoop from guitar and gear brands, on new product developments, and fascinating historical review retrospectives.

New Product Announcements

Find out right here, what your favourite gear brands are releasing. We want you to know first, and Guitar.com will be the place to find it out first - often complete with analysis and first impressions reviews.


Full written editorial reviews complete with graphical review summary and high-quality videos. Giving you in-depth detail and quick glance information, we'll review artists performances guitars, gear and much more.


The open, highly resourceful place where you and fellow users can share experiences, discuss guitar, gear, tutorials, musicianship and the list goes on. The soon to be, premier place on the web to connect with fellow players new and experienced.


They inspire us. Some legendary, some new and trend-setting. Your favourite artists’ are going to be right here. Browse, filter, search, and discover Guitar.com’s rapidly growing artist information base.


Designed to help you find gear, GearBase is presented in a format to help with your potential gear buying decision. Each GearBase item is listed by a vendor with a pathway to buy the gear from that vendor. Fast, easy and connecting you with the best new and vintage gear.

More Useful tools for you

Points system

Your contributions to the Guitar.com community are appreciated. Every time you visit the site you can earn points. Points can be collected, tracked, and redeemed for great rewards using your Guitar.com account.

Rating system

Almost everything on the new Guitar.com can be rated with a simple click or tap. And as a user, you and other users have the opportunity to rate information on the site. This will help you and other users discover value on the things that matter on Guitar.com.

Mobile and

We know you’re on the move. At a jam session, or at the guitar shop, Guitar.com will adapt to work fast and seamlessly on your mobile devices, getting you the information you need, fast.

Powerful, responsive search

The search bar on the new Guitar.com learns what you’re inputting and provides instant, real-time results as you type. It’s super intuitive, and makes getting the information you need, easy. We think you’ll like it.