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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tab?

A. Tab is an alternative scoring method that shows 6 lines, which represent each string on the neck of a guitar. Numbers are then placed on one or several of the strings to indicate the melody, the lead guitar part or chords where applicable.

Q. How do I submit a Tab to Guitar.com?

A. Go to tabs.guitar.com and click on the Submit a Tab button. You can also get more information in this regard by watching our “Getting Started” video or reviewing the “Getting Started” document.

Q. What is Articulation?

A. These are indicators that show where to apply certain specific guitar techniques, strumming or picking patterns and other subtle effects played on the guitar. These are represented by letters (such a “h” for hammer-ons’; “p” for pull-offs) symbols (such as “/” for slide up or “\” for slide down. All indicators, letters and symbols are shown in the TabWizard as well what each indicates. You can see this by viewing the ”Insert” on the TabWizard Menu.

Q. What happens if I don’t see the Guitar Tab I submitted to Guitar.com published within a few days?

A. It’s quite possible that due to license agreements that we are unable to post certain tabs. We will do all we can to work with publishers to get your submissions published as quickly as possible. If you don’t see your submission within 48 to 72 hours from publishing to your profile, please send an email to editor@guitar.com and we’ll review your submission and update you accordingly.

Q. I created my tab from scratch and TabWizard isn’t working?

A. If you start generating tab from scratch, you have to make sure you put End Bars (|----------|) at the beginning and at the end of each stave line or the TabWizard will not function.

Q. What is a Leadsheet?

A. A leadsheet is contains just the lyrics and chords. Sometimes you’ll also find Tab for riff’s or solo’s contained in a leadsheet but primarily it’s for lyrics and chords.

Q. How do I turn off the features in TabWizard?

A. On the far right of the lower ToolBar, you will see an “ON” button. Click that button one-time and the button will switch to “OFF”. This disables all interactive features in TabWizard.

Q. I submitted 20 tabs for the free guitar string offer and I have only qualified for 1 set of strings. How come?

A. All tabs that are submitted need to be approved for publishing based on the licensing agreements that Guitar.com has in place with the major music publishers. If a tab doesn't clear for publishing, we are unable to provide you credit towards the free tab. Your profile will automatically track how many songs you have uploaded and therefore have credit towards free sets of strings.