Mack The Knife

as performed by Kurt Weill

posted by Billabong

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Well, the [A] shark has, [A6] pretty [Bm] teeth dear, [Bm7]
And he [E] keeps them, [E7] pearly [A] white.
Just a [F#m] jackknife, [F#m7] has old Mack [Bm] Heath dear, [Bm7]
And he [E] keeps it [E7sus4] [E7] out of [A] sight. [E7]

When the [A] shark bites, [A6] with his [Bm] teeth dear, [Bm7]
Scarlet [E] billows, [E7] start to [A] spread.
Fancy [F#m] gloves though, [F#m7] wears old Mack [Bm] Heath dear, [Bm7]
So there's [E] never, [E7sus4] [E7] a trace of [A] red. [E7]

Sunday [A] morning, [A6] on the [Bm] sidewalk, [Bm7]
Lies A [E] body, [E7] oozing [A] life.
And some one's [F#m] creeping, [F#m7] around the [Bm] corner, [Bm7]
Could that [E] someone [E7sus4] [E7] be Mack the [A] knife? [E7]

From a tug [A] boat, [A6] on the [Bm] river, [Bm7]
A ce- [E] ment bag's, [E7] dropping [A] down.
The ce- [F#m] ment's just, [F#m7] for the [Bm] weight dear, [Bm7]
Five 'll get you [E] ten, [E7sus4] [E7] old Mackys’ back in [A] town. [E7]

Louis [A] Miller, [A6] disap- [Bm] peared dear, [Bm7]
After [E] drawing, [E7] all his [A] cash.
And old Mack [F#m] Heath spends, [F#m7] like a [Bm] sailor. [Bm7]
Did our [E] boy [E7sus4] [E7] do something [A] rash? [E7]

Suky [A] Tawdry, [A6] Jenny [Bm] Diver, [Bm7]
Look out Miss [E] Lotte Lenya, [E7] and old [A] Lucy Brown.
Well, the [F#m] line forms, [F#m7] on the [Bm] right girls, [Bm7]
Now that [E] Mackys’ back in [A] town! [D] [A] [E] [A]

1. Oh, the shark, dear, has such teeth, babe
and he shows them....... pearly white.
-------F/A---Abdim7---------Gm7--------------------------(play 5X353X 4X343X 3X333)
just a jack knife....has old Mackie, babe,
--------Gm---F#7-------F6--------------------------------------( 3X333 2X232X 1X021X )
and he keeps it.... out of sight.
2. You know when the shark bites
with his teeth, babe, scarlet billows........start to spread.
Fancy gloves, oh...... has old Mackie, babe,
So there's never........ never a trace of red.
F6 1x021x Gm7 3x3333 C9/G 3x2333

F/A 5x353x Abo7 4x343x F#7 2x232x

C#7 x4342x

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