Composing a new guitarsong! :-) on Jul 15 2011 at 9:40pm
Christoffer Brandsborg

(Male, 19 years old)
Søgne, Norway

Playing Level: Professional

Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Vocalist

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3 Doors Down

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My name is Christoffer Brandsborg, I'm 16 years old, from Norway!
First time I touched a guitar was when I was little, maybe 11 years, but it took only 2-3 weeks with a little "plucking" before I left. The reason for this was that I had a very bad nylon-string guitar, and I was very impatient. After two year break from the guitar so I picked up the guitar again, and after that I got better I decided to buy my first steel string guitar, for a sum of 1000 $. I started to play some more, began to feel the music in my fingers, and that it actually went ahead. I also later bought a "bad" electric guitar, but I was more into "acoustic". Finally I found the guitar style I like best now today, "Finger Style". It is the style you can get the guitar to "sing"! You can combine "base-notes" with "melody notes" to get a guitar song to listen to as a "complete" song. But again after 1 / 2 to 1 year of playing I lost the "interest" again, because I was not able to practice, and because I met the "wall". I didn't became better, and I did the same thing over and over again ... The guitar was virtually "untouched" until a confirmation-worship that we would manage confirmations. Then I was set up as a guitarist, and played guitar with a "band". It was the first time in a very very long time I had played guitar, and I could feel that the "good feeling" was back, and after that, so I continued at full! For the confirmation money I bought my current guitar, an acoustic Taylor414ce for nearly 4000$, but it was worth it! If I had not bought the guitar I had never been as good as I am now! So if someone asks me when I started playing guitar, or how long I've played I can not really answer. What I know is that I got past the "wall" July 2010, so I think that was the date when I started playing "seriously"! I learned techniques and songs by watching videos on youtube, and found many good inspirations, such as Sungha Jung, Ulli Boegershausen, Andy Mckee, etc. .. I started making my own arrangements, just by listening to songs, and try to play songs on the guitar! I found it very instructive, and found the techniques that made "hearing" my better in a way, so I could easily figure out what to play to get it to "voice". After I had become pretty good at it, so I started making my own songs. I have made 5 whole songs to date:
1. Stunning Beauty (standard tuning)
2. Whisper (dadgad tuning)
3. Spiritual Artwork (dadgad tuning)
4. Equipment to Be (ecdgad tuning)
5. Hope (facfcf tuning)
As you can see, I play them in different tunings. I started that when I looked at guitarists like Andy Mckee, who plays in all kind of tunings, to get all the possible sounds and harmony tones! A new technique I practice now, is a technique called "Lap-tap", then you have the guitar lying, so you can turn the harmony notes while playing chords and other things with your left hand (almost like playing piano) Songs that use the technique:
Airtap - Erik Mongrain
PercusienFa - Erik Mongrain
It is a very exciting technique that I am probably going to use in many of my songs in the future! :-)
I have not played a lot of "gigs" for now, I have participated in UKM and come forward from local muster, but broke out in the Agder muster, but got me a scholarship of 2500 norwegian kroners.
I have also played a concert on the square in Søgne on May 17, it was fun there! Outside of that I have only played "small-concerts" I hope I can get the chance again! My goal is to become as good as my favorite guitarists: Erik Mongrain, Andy McKee, Sungha Jung and Craig D'Andrea :-) You can see videos of me on youtube:
Coming soon! check out!