Cliff Baker

(Male, 54 years old)
Newton, Kansas, United States

Playing Level: Beginner

Acoustic Guitar

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Born&Bred thru high school in Wheeling,WV.Was common for b-grass bands to be at the keg parties.ZZ-top,J-Winter,P-Floyd,N-Young,ABB,&Friends,Blues,and I've just always liked a lot of music,I'm all over the place.Had & lost a couple of cheap electrics, and decent accoustics. Gave my last one to my son and looking to get another.I have my two sons with audio eng. degrees. I wish I would've done that.I'm not a guitar tech.,but I'm checking out workshops, books, ect. to turn it into a hobby and see where it goes, and I've acquired baggage along my journey that comes along too.Yada, yada. I've messed with guitars,cheap harmohicas,and recently drum sticks,but never really had the patience and time to learn any tune all the way thru. I'm just a music fan, and I'm gonna keep on truckin, just a little slower.I've lived in Newton Kansas and vicinity for 20 + yrs. I really like this community type site and the advice you can get.


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