I AM STILL ALIVE & WELL!!!! on Feb 17 2011 at 3:39pm
Craig Wisdo

(52 years old)
United States

Playing Level: Intermediate

Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Rock, Fingerstyle

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I know how to play some Guitar but I'm attempting to LEARN more about playing & music! I've never had a lesson but know basic chords I learned from a book...lmao ...sad huh..& .I know a few scales also. I became disabled 10 yrs ago and lost use of my hands from a yet unknown neuromuscular condition. So I am using my guitar for Physical Therapy to restore my dexterity if I can. It has been a challenge! I will not surrender quietly so I struggle on...and will beat this!!!!
I have always been into music from the earliest memories I have. I have been writing lyrics since the early 80's & so have amassed many and honestly I can say some that I have written they are actually pretty good! I am better @ writing then I am a guitarist. However now I'm home all day now everyday so maybe with a lot of effort I can change that. I have a old Fender Acoustic Gemini II series guitar that I use...it's ok...The other year I saw a video of Tommy Emmanuel that inspired me to pick it up again...He said "Pull your Guitar out from under the bed, or off the top of your dresser or just pull the dirt pot out of the middle of it and Mr. Sheen it up and start playing" So I did! The other year Tommy played locally & while waiting for the concert to begin I was outside sitting on the stairs just picking around on this warm September Day..(This is My Profile Picture) Tommy just walked up & He actually took some time to demonstrate his fingerstyle for me and played my guitar for a little while..I never knew It could sound that good...WOW!!!! He was so Gracious, Funny and Seriously is one of the nicest people I've ever met. He even signed my guitar afterwards! How totally Kewl is that! I chose to attempt to learn one of his songs: The Journey (I know...shooting way high here...but it's a challenge...and if I can eventually do it my hands will have gained a lot more coordination then I ever hoped to recover) So now I'm here on this site and I'll see where this Journey Takes Me! ~ Aloha!
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