I'm burning the midnight oil here eagerly learning my cords.. My finger tips are angry with me. Here's to hoping this pays off.. on Jan 31 2013 at 1:07am

(37 years old)
United States

Playing Level: Beginner

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic, Country, Love, Oldies, Rock

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I am a mom of three kids. Two toddles and a teenager.. I love music and have always wanted to play the guitar and also drums. So I begged my husband and he granted me this guitar. To say the truth my finger tips are aching but I'm happy to say that I have learned 7 chords to date just being in the last 3 days. My goal is to be able to grab my guitar and play my favorite music for myself and and family. Music is always playing around me from doing the dishes to driving. I want to be able to play my own sad songs when the mood hits instead of turning to the radio.. I am a country girl at heart but I love my hair bands also.. My favorite is Def Leppard.. Hey I am a woman after all... I would love any constructive criticism once I upload my jams... Take care
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