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Bob Kirk

(Male, 38 years old)
Oneida NY, United States

Playing Level: Professional

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic, Contemporary Christian, Folk, Hard Rock, Rock Page:

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Bob Kirk is an acoustic praise and worship artist with a powerful vocal style. He has worked with teens for 15 years, counseling and leading worship. He currently serves as a praise and worship leader at Church On The Rock in Oneida NY where he is studying to become a licensed and ordained pastor.

The Music:
Bringing all that he has experienced throughout his walk with Christ, Bob has written music to encourage, enlighten and entertain. Described as a modern Cat Stevens with a punk flare, Bob's second effort, “The Many Pieces of Me” (following 2010's the mighty living) Is music that comes from a heart that’s been gently warmed by the spirit.

The Mission:
Bob hopes to share a word and a song with you, in an effort to help you take at least one small step closer to growing closer to God.
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