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The music is an eclectic mix from a variety of years and genres. Because the songs are instrumentals, I like to design the melodies on the guitar as if it were a human voice singing coupled with a guitar solo or two. My desire is to have you walk away from the music whistling the melodies your head. If you are doing that, I call the music a success!

Along with the eclectic mix of sounds, here are some of the tools of the trade I have used with different songs:
1996 Bil Mitchell (Custom) Blue,
1983 Fender Strat,
1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Korg Toneworks AX1500G
Line 6 PODxt Live
Fender Mustang Floor
Crybaby Wah

Jammer 6
Band In A Box 2010
Cakewalk Sonar
Jamstix 3

I have been around the guitar for over 40 years beginning with a relative that taught me at the old age of 5 years old! Later when I was informed that my singing voice... well, let's put it this way, I could not carry a tune with a handle when it came to singing. Immediately, the guitar became my voice - hence the vocal logic in my melodies. If I had a singing voice, I suppose, that is how I would sing these songs.

One of the biggest joys I get is when I meet a young person who has a passion for music where they really get and understand the art and the science behind it. Music is a wonderful phenomenon where it is math, science, and art all combined. It was truly a gift from the LORD to me as I was growing up trying to understand math and science!

Perhaps the most important note I will add, is found in Colossians 1 where it speaks of all things being made by Jesus and for Jesus. I think of the science behind how music works and marvel as to how this medium has been formed between the brain who plans the sounds to the insrtruments that serve as the vehicle for the sounds to the listener's ears that receive the sounds is a marvel and to be a way to magnify the beauty of an awesome Creator and consider His love for us.
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