Ryan Hahn

(Male, 29 years old)
Los Angeles , United States

Playing Level: Professional

Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Piano & Keyboards, Vocalist

Blues, Funk, Pop, Rock, Soul Page:

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Professional Categories:
Songwriter, Guitarist, Soundtrack/Composer, Producer, Studio Musician, Touring Musician, Performer, Music Publishing

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I have been playing guitar on a professional level since I was seventeen years old. I had over 300 shows and 3 songs in the top 20 (Radio & Records) by the time I was twenty years old.

Between the ages of 17-20 I was playing with the band Poor Man’s Riches (word of mouth records) touring and sharing the stage with bands like Disciple, Delirious, Pillar, As I Lay Dying, etc.

I moved to Los Angeles via Kentucky 6 years ago to further pursue music. Since then I have played with and done session work for artsits/producers like Fefe Dobson (Island Records), DJ Battlecat (snoop), Syc (Quo & RayJay), Dejuan Turrentine (Carnival House), Radio (Jennifer Lopez, Cartel, etc.) Dizzy Reed (GnR), Matt Toka (warner music), Scarlett (on point music), etc.

My influences are extremely broad, but some of the major people that have effected me would be players/artists like Jeff Buckley, Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, Mike Einziger, Billy Howerdel, etc. The key to being a good player in my mind is to give the song exactly what it is asking for. Knowing when you’re to a point that you can neither add nor take away is key. This thought is the biggest influence to me as a player.
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