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I got my first guitar on my 16th birthday, in 1983, just a few months after seeing a live concert on MTV of A Flock Of Seagulls (remember seeing music on MTV?).
Their guitarist, (Paul Reynolds) was playing his guitar with what looked like a nickel, and the sounds he made were like nothing I'd ever heard before. I knew I wanted to do that myself!
I took lessons in the late 80's and early 90's from a wide variety of teachers, Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Blues and Country. I try to bring bits of all of it into my playing and writing.
After playing in a multitude of cover bands, in 1992 I joined my first original band, Stone Bogart, we recorded our first CD in '93, then another in '97 after moving from Madison, Wi to Tempe, Az...then our last CD in '99...none were successful, (or really any good, in my opinion) and after another move, this time to Los Angeles in 2000, the band split in 2001.
I joined the band, Big Blue Hearts in 2003, and we spent the next two and a half years recording the CD, "Here Come Those Dreams Again". It received a small bit of critical acclaim, the band relocated to Austin, Tx, and we had a top five single on the Texas Music Chart with the song, "Lovin' You".
We got to play some pretty big shows with some formerly "big" bands, and it was nice to travel, and see quite a bit of this country.
The band fell apart in 2007 after the singer decided to go solo.
I've played in cover bands ever since, and have also taken up being a lead singer as well as a guitarist.

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