Tyler Godfrey

(Male, 38 years old)
Moncton, Canada

Playing Level: Intermediate

Guitar, Bass, 7-String, Electric Guitar, Piano & Keyboards

Blues, Hard Rock, Jazz, Metal, Rock Page:

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Songwriter, Guitarist, Amateur Guitarist

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on the old I was known as This Dying Soul; I don't know why but when I logged into the new my name appears as The_Wylde_One which was my original screen name when a registered to the previous a few years ago and quickly changed to the latter.

I'd played guitar for 10 years straight between ages 14 to 24 and was forced to give up music for a while after a tendonitis injury affecting both my fretting and picking hands. After 5 years of not being capable of playing; I found I'd finally healed enough to start up again and since then have made a point to pickup the guitar whenever possible and play for whatever time I've got, whether it's only a few minutes or a few hours.

I try to play guitar whenever I can, but I'm finding between marriage, owning a house and playing referee between our 2 cats and 2 dogs; I don't get much time to play lately.

At least in the past 2 years, I've managed to get my abilities back to the point where I can play all my original material from my old bands and some of the easier stuff from my favourite bands. My goal now is to start learning more note for note solos to get some new licks under my fingers as well as starting to try more technically challenging songs again.
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