Guitar.com appeals to a broad base of consumers. The site is designed from the ground, up, to encourage use and contribution by males and females of all cultures, ages, and levels of experience with guitar and related stringed instruments. Guitar.com offers plenty of advertising potential for vendors. We provide demographic and analytical data to help vendors launch a targeted and measureable campaign on Guitar.com.

Quality Content,
Loyal users

Guitar.com has implemented
industry-leading design and user experience architecture on the new site. User’s appreciate beautiful design, easy-to-use navigation and controls, in addition to highly curated and crafted content on Guitar.com. This will translate in to a loyal user base, who frequently return to the site.

Embedded advertising

We believe meaningful advertising is about making a connection with the consumer. We offer unprecented embedded advertising opportunities across the site that help create the connection. Instead of appearing as a traditional advertisement, embedded advertising takes on a discreet, human, and conversational tone. Product can be listed in one or more locations on the site, nested within organically created, editor and user-generated content. Users appreciate the informational value, while the vendor benefits from an advertising and brand impression.

Other value-added benefits

Analytic Data

As Guitar.com continues to deliver content for its users, highly detailed reports and analytical data will be cultivated and provided to vendors in aiding targeted and strategically-sound advertising on Guitar.com.

Innovative advertising options

In addition to embedded advertising, Guitar.com will offer a wide range of innovative and strategic advertising and branding options, many of which, are non-traditional, much more targeted, and have more success potential.

Reach mobile consumers

Guitar.com will be formatted for effective site-use on mobile devices. This presents a unique point of purchase reinforcement opportunity. For example, if the consumer is at a guitar shop considering a purchase. Easy access to content from the site to support the purchase decision, can help push a purchase.

A new precedent in guitar websites

By design and content value, Guitar.com will become the new, precedent-setting baseline for delivering content, including advertising, to a robust and thriving consumer user base. Now is the time to become involved with Guitar.com