10 Questions WIth Audley Freed


1) What was the first electric guitar you ever played? 

Crown Les Paul Copy, Black

 2) What was the first/most influential album you owned? 

The first was not influential at all, "The Partridge Family's Greatest Hits"!!

I can't really point to any one record that most influenced me, there are a ton, mostly rock and pop records featuring all the usual suspects and some unusual ones too. 

3) What was the first effects pedal you bought and where did you buy it? 

Wah wah from my guitar teacher. My Parents bought it. 

4) Favorite overall Fender: Strat or Tele? 


5) Favorite overall Gibson: Les Paul or SG? 


6) Album you appeared on that best displays your style?  

The Cry Of Love records and the Jimmy Page/Black Crowes "Live At The Greek" are pretty representative of my way of playing that kind of rock and roll.

My "style" is always evolving and expanding so there are lots of other recordings that contain different elements and approaches (depending on the music) while still hopefully sounding like me. The new Court Yard Hounds record comes to mind as a recent example. 

7) Desert Island Guitar->Pedal->Amp combo?

These things change a lot but right now some kind of p-90 Gibson, any one of several cool overdrives and a Matchless Lightning 15. Can I cheat and throw a tremolo pedal in there too since the amp doesn't have it? Is there any electricity on a desert island? 

8) Do you play any other instruments besides guitar? Which ones?


9) Favorite live club to play in? 

Many through the years but right now the Family Wash in East Nashville ,TN. 

10) Best advice you ever received?

"Put some vibrato on that note!


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