10 Questions with CKY’s Deron Miller

The inception of CKY dates back to 1994, when guitarist/frontman Deron Miller and drummer Jess Margera formed a group called Foreign Objects. Within two years, the lineup was solidified with guitarist/producer Chad Ginsburg and touring bassist Vern Zaborowski, and the band's name was changed to CKY (which stands for Camp Kill Yourself a name conceived by Miller).

The Pennsylvania-based group got its initial break when Margera's brother, professional skateboarder Bam Margera, landed a deal to star in a series of skateboarding videos. With his influence, CKY was tapped to provide the soundtracks. The material was independently released as Camp Kill Yourself Volume 1 and Camp Kill Yourself Volume 2. Later, when Bam was asked to participate in MTV's Jackass, he helped to get the group's songs onto the shows soundtrack, which then led to mainstream airplay. CKY gained greater popularity through participation in the 1999 and 2000 Vans Warped Tours. Soon after, the group scored a deal with Island records and re-released its first soundtrack disc as CKY Volume 1.

CKY delivered the acclaimed Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild in 2002. Following the albums release, CKY w

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