10 Questions with Dweezil Zappa

Guitar.com – 10 Questions with Dweezil Zappa and the coming of Dweezilla!!

#1 - Dweezilla - How did this  concept come about?

DZ: As a guitarist for nearly 30 years I've always had a strong desire to keep finding new musical inspiration. Over the past several years I have improved my own skills as a player, sharpened my instincts and have had the opportunity to apply new information and techniques into my own playing all while having fun and being challenged in front of a live audience. This experience led me me to the concept of sharing some of this knowledge with other potentially like minded individuals. That's how Dweezilla started.

#2 - Is it open only to guitar  players, or are there spots available for bass players, percussionists,  reed, brass, etc players?

DZ: Dweezilla is open to anyone interested in music. There are workshops prepared in all areas of music. There are even recording and production workshops available.

#3 - What sort of player is this  camp experienced designed for (musical style, experience level, etc)?

DZ: This camp is designed to impart useful information on the process of improving as a musician. I hope to be able to expose our students to information that can inspire them to practice more and expand their knowledge and enjoyment of music. Many styles of music will be discussed in the workshops and the level of skill isn't that important. I think there will be a good balance of information and teaching styles that will allow all levels of skill to participate.

#4 - What can an attendee expect  to partake in and take away from the camp?

DZ: There are many courses/workshops that are valuable. As an example, an average rock guitarist might not necessarily have too many opportunities to come into contact with a mallet player. Learning the musical approach of a mallet player or any other non stringed instrument approach can unlock doors to one's individual approach and broaden their harmonic, rhythmic and conceptual musical pallette and skill set. There will be emphasis on playing techniques, practice routines, contextual application of new information etc. I'm really looking forward to checking out the workshops of my fellow band mates myself. It's never too late to become inspired or learn something new.

#5 - Will there be any gear geek  segment to the camp (i.e. - how to set up your rig, choose instruments,  amps, effects, mic’ing you rig, etc.)

DZ: Gear geek time will be well accounted for. Bring napkins in case you find yourself drooling.

#6 - Where can potential attendees  get event details?

DZ: The best place for people to read more about Dweezilla is right here - DWEEZIL WORLD - All of the info on how to sign up and what workshops are being offered is available on the site.

# 7 - In addition to Dweezilla,  what musical projects are you working on now? Any plans to tour in ’10?

DZ: We are hitting the road in 2010. We are playing in some new locations and we will be adding more new material. We might also be adding in a additional keyboardist once again.

I plan to work on some of my own new music but first I will be releasing some live tracks of Zappa Plays Zappa. A double live CD set called Return Of The Son Of... is coming out in June. We will also have new DVD out in the fall of 2010.

#8 - There are pics of a guitar  in progess on your website (features bass clef fingerboard inlays),  is there a new DZ model in the works? 

DZ: The PRS guitar you mentioned is a really interesting project. I have never had the opportunity to do something like this. I got to choose all of the wood in it's raw state and really make a custom instrument. It's a one of a kind guitar. Whether or not it becomes a signature model remains to be seen. I'm not sure what the demand would be for such an item. I'm open to the idea.

We'll see. I am very excited about playing the guitar though. Can't wait to see it completed.

#9 - What are you currently using  amp wise & why?

DZ: I love all different kinds of amps and effects. I have had massive guitar rigs, small guitar rigs, and everything in between. Somehow there is always a compromise on some level. At the moment I have switched from my massive guitar rig that featured FUCHS amplification to a more condensed travel friendly rig featuring Fractal Audio Axe Effects and some stomp boxes. Touring is expensive and this new rig makes it possible for me to get the tones I want and have the flexibility that I need while keeping things managable on a touring budget.

I do want to mention though that I played a Paul Reed Smith 100 watt amp the other day that I really liked. It sounded exceptionally good with my SG and my Les Paul.

#10 - Any cool new pedals that you’ve added to the arsenal?

DZ: New pedals, yes. There is a pedal made by TWA that is an updated version of the old Systech Harmonic Energizer. It's a great tone shaping tool. I have 3 of them in my new guitar rig.

(Bonus Question!!) #11 - Where can fans/players keep up on all things Dweezil?

The best place to go is dweezilzappaworld.com . It's a fun place to visit. Check it out for yourself.

Thanks for taking time to chat with us! Hope to catch you on the road this summer!! You can also enter a contest at Gbase.com - to win a PRS Custom 24 if you sign up and attend Dweezilla this summer - Click here to get more info.

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