10 Questions with Opeth Bassist - Martin Mendez

Recently, Guitar.com caught up with Martin Mendez of Opeth. As bassist for arguably the most popular and most influential of Swedish metal bands, Martin stands at the forefront of the genre, holding down the low end, striking the perfect balance between melody and rhythm. G.com has interviewed members of Opeth many times in the past. Be sure to check out some of the other interviews with Mikael Akerfeldt and former member Peter Lindgren. Now lets see what Martin has been up to as of late:

Guitar.com: Hi Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Mendez: Hi, I´m good thanxs!
Guitar.com: Opeth released a live DVD: In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Mendez: Yes, at this time the band was celebrating the 20 years anniversary so the idea was to do something. But we never thought about gigs like this. When the offer came up for play at the Royal Albert Hall, it was no question about getting it on film. An amazing venue celebrating a big thing for the band.. That night felt unreal, the crowd was amazing and seemed to really appreciate the band in that venue ..
Guitar.com: What gear did you use on that gig?

Mendez: Fender amps, TB 1200 with 810 pro speakers. Dunlop distortion (MXR bass D.I.) and volume pedals. I used 3 basses on that gig, Sandberg California JM 4 string, Sandberg California JM supreme 5 string and Fender American Standard 4 string. Also Planet waves cables and Dunlop strings..
Guitar.com: Let’s talk a little bit about your last studio release, Watershed: What gear did you use in the studio? On tour?

Mendez: For that recording I had a Ampeg SVT Classic with a 4x10 speakers. I used Fender jazz, Fender precision and musicman basses.. For the tour I started use the same as I had at the RAH gig.
Guitar.com: Please describe a typical day for you when you’re out on tour.

Mendez: Besides some few interviews and a short soundcheck there is not much to do during the day. The waiting is long until the gig starts, so we try to find ways to not get bored,. A good meal is like the main thing to start. Try to see a little bit from the city, then maybe sleep for one or two hours. I use to play, Fredrik and I have small amps with us so we can practice as much as we can. Lots of coffee to compare when I´m at home.
Guitar.com: Do you have a warm-up routine before going on stage?

Mendez: One hour before I use to jump around a little bit to get warm in the body, then I play bass for like 20 minutes or so.
Guitar.com: Last question: What advice can you give to a musician who wants to make it in the music business?

Mendez: It´s not the easiest businnes to be in, you must have patience. At the same time it's the most wonderfull thing to do if you love music so make sure you do it from your heart.
Guitar.com: Martin, Thanks very much for your time, and we look forward to hearing the next Opeth studio release!
Mendez: No problem, thanks to you!!

Be sure to check in with Opeth by visiting with them at their Site - Opeth.com

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