10 Questions with Orianthi

Guitar.com got the chance to ask Orianthi a few questions while out and about touring with Adam Lambert this summer. Keep an eye out as she's one very busy musician. Not only can you hear her playing solo all over the radio, as well as on tour with Adam but she's also part of a new iPhone App - Six String - which as been making a good bit of noise in the iTunes download world. It features songs by......Orianthi, of course, plus songs by Frampton, Papa Roach, No Doubt and a whole bunch more. You'll also find on the TV, most recently appearing on So You Think You Can Dance. She's due back in the states in early August and slated for tour appearances throughout Northeast! Let's find out what else she's been up to.


Guitar.com: Did you play in cover bands in Australia and what is the music scene like there?

Orianthi: I played in cover bands from when I was 15 till about 20 and it was a really great learning experience for me. I think it’s so important to play in front of people as much as you can to build up confidence and grow musically.

Guitar.com: Have you ever taught or considered giving lessons?

Orianthi: I have a few guitar run of the weeks up on YouTube....but I don't consider myself to be a teacher...I am still learning and growing as a musician so maybe in another 10 years of being out on the road and recording I will really feel more comfortable in giving lessons.


Guitar.com: Do you have any instructional books or videos for beginners/intermediate or advanced players?

Orianthi: Just up on you tube I am sharing some of the runs that I use...I play them fast then break them down. Some of them are easier than others.

Guitar.com: What is your writing process like?

Orianthi: It varies, Sometimes it starts with a guitar riff, sometimes with a melody I have been humming. The process is always different, I love to collaborate with other songwriters but I think it’s so important that when you do collaborate that you steer the song in the direction you want it to go...never be a passenger because at the end of the day you won’t be completely satisfied with it.

Guitar.com: Do you have a home studio? What DAW and other gear do you use?

Orianthi: Yes I have a home studio in Adelaide which I recorded my first demo- Violet Journey in. I also have protools on my computer....which I like to use when putting down demos in my apart ment/ But on the road my guitar player Brian Chiusano records demos on his pro tools set up with an mbox. At home in Adelaide I have a Roland 2480 digital workstation.

Guitar.com: What is your current guitar/effects/amp chain?

Orianthi: I am using my PRS guitar custom 24, custom 22 through a EVH 5150 lll Amps with EVH 5150 lll cabinets and morley wah with TC Electronics GMajor 2, G-force for my A Rig and for my B-rig I use Nova Delay as well as the G-System and the Polytune.

Guitar.com: Favorite New Guitars?

Orianthi: I have a new Purple burst PRS custom 24 which I love and also a yellow custom 24. I also have my new PRS signature model out on the road .

Guitar.com: What do you look for in a guitar?

Orianthi: It has to feel right. the right action, neck and tone.

Guitar.com: Do you play Acoustic? If so, what styles? Fingerpicking?

Orianthi: Yes I studied classical guitar when I was 10. I also love country...I’m learning to chicken pick right now.

Guitar.com: Where do you go from here? More of an artist? Sidewoman? Vocals? All instrumental? All of the above?

Orianthi:  I am going to continue to create as much as I can and collaborate...I would love to one day go on a world headlining tour.         

Guitar.com BONUS QUESTION: Tell us more about the new iPhone App Six String?

Orianthi: I love to jam on Six String when I'm not around my guitar. Makes the long flights a lot more rockin’!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us.You can also catch up with Orianthi on her website.

You can watch Orianthi play Six String on YouTube. Download it for free at at www.six-string.com

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