10 Questions with Richard Patrick of Filter

Guitarist/songwriter Richard Patrick and his band Filter are currently on the road in support of their latest CD release, The Amalgamut. The band's third release features classic Filter balances heavy, grinding guitar riffs one minute, sweet acoustic riffs the next. Below, Richard shares some wisdom for Guitar.com surfers.

Guitar.com: What does the title to your latest CD, The Amalgamut, mean?

Patrick: The melting pot comes to fruition. I traveled around America for 2 months in my car and it was influenced by that trip. I saw a lot of different things and yet everything was the same.

Guitar.com:When did you first start playing the guitar? What was it about the instrument that attracted you to it?

Patrick: I started playing guitar at around nine years old. The first record I heard was Neil Diamond's "Hot August Night" and the walk off at the end of the record has a great guitar riff. I knew at 5 years old I had to be a guitar player.

Guitar.com:Tell us about your musical training. Did you study guitar at school or are you self-taught?

Patrick: I am completely self-taught.

Guitar.com: Do you read music?

Patrick: F$%K, NO!

Guitar.com: Who are your musical influences? Was there a guitarist in particular that inspired your songwriting and playing?

Patrick: My influences are The Edge, Mick Jones, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards.

Guitar.com: Amalgamut features several tunes with acoustic guitars. Tell us how you'll reproduce these guitars in your live shows. Are you using actual acoustic guitars live? If so what is your acoustic gear set-up?

Patrick: We use clean electric guitars with lots of delay or reverb to reproduce the acoustic guitar sound for live shows.

Guitar.com: Can you describe your pre-show warm up/practice routine?

Patrick: Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

Guitar.com: Tell us what guitars and amps you have with you on the road.

Patrick: I'm using Custom shop Fender Telecasters and a Marshall JMP1 3200 Power Amp with Mesa Boogie. I have four 4 x 12 cabinets.

Guitar.com: The tunes on Amalgamut feature some seriously thick riffs. What tunings are you using?

Patrick: Drop D, Drop A.

Guitar.com: Can you describe your guitar setup  (action, strings, etc.) Do you use standard guitars or do you have custom modifications made?

Patrick: My guitars are completely custom made, they weigh 12 pounds.

Guitar.com: What advice can you give to beginning guitar players?

Patrick: It's okay to practice other people's songs, but work on being original. Start writing your own songs as soon as possible.

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