2011 NAMM in Review - Part 1

Anaheim, CA - January, 2011 - The 2011 Winter NAMM Show is now officially a memory. It was 4-fun-filled yet packed days of music education, new product annoucements, artist appearances, concerts, product demonstrations, G.A.S., and of course people - lots and lots of people. We were fortunate enough to be on-hand for all four days checking out the many new annoucements. There was so much to see, you can never take it all in but here is our consolidated effort to show you some of the cooler new releases for the coming year along with updates on many of the classic products already out on the market.

C.F. Martin Guitars shows us their latest and greatest from the Custom Shop and from their classic line of strings


We got to spend a few minutes with Adrian Emsley of Orange Amps - they have some crazy stuff coming out in 2011.


If you ever got yelled out for your band's reheasal being too loud - here's the perfect solution - JamHum (www.jamhub.com)


Crazy, Cool EKO Guitars - they look so very retro and play better than you can imagine:


And speaking of Retro-cool, Danelectro has plenty of that - plus they've got their own new headstock tuner:

On the accessory side of life, D'Addario and Planet Waves has some new products to hit the streets:


Ernie Ball/Music Man has the new "Game Changer," which it certainly is - check out this amazing new pickup technology


Daisy Rock has brought a whole new flavor to the world of guitars - Check out the new Cherry Bomb


L.R. Baggs has raised the bar on the world of D.I. Boxes - introducing the Venue:


Red Witch makes the most incredible sounding pedals, not to mention that you can charge them and the charge lasts for 2 weeks -


This is Part 1 of a 3 part series. For more gear announcements and product overviews from Ibanez, Washburn, Parker, Randall, Visual Sound, Mi-Si, DBZ Guitars, Godin Guitars, Eastwood and much more - click here for Part 2

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