2011 NAMM in Review - Part 2

Anaheim, CA - January 2011 - Day two of NAMM is nearly as manic but Thursday is merely the kick off of the show. Friday is when artist start to make appearances, the crowds are bigger and the sound on the show floor goes from rock concert level to an aircraft taking off.  There's still much to see so let's get started:

Godin Guitars has some amazing new instruments including the new Multi-Oud


You may not be familar with the Hoyer Guitars.....YET but they make a killer gold top along with a host of others


Eastwood Guitars has refined the Airline Guitar Line and it's sleek surf look is almost too good to be true because they play even better than they look


Reeves Gabrels talks to us about his new Reverend Guitar Model


Not since the introduction of Parker Guitars have we seen guitars so thin and majestic - almost like a piece of artwork - Dean Zelinsky of DBZ Guitars.


For the eco-conscious musician, Mi-Si Electronic Design gives you technology that allows you to have an active pickup onboard, WITHOUT a 9-volt battery...


Music Publisher Hal Leonard has some great new releases slated for 2011...


Alfred Publishing will also be releasing some exciting new titles this coming year...


Making some of the coolest and fattest tone EFX pedals on the market, Visual Sounds walks us thru their upcoming release the Dual Tap Delay


Ibanez has sooooo many new guitars coming out but these were by far the nicest....


One of our favorite Loop pedals - Boss' RC-3 and RC-30 - demo'd by Beatbox master Dub FX


The only Manufacturer that has been inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame - Bob Heil talks about his line of microphones and why he wants to rid the world of condensor mic's.


This is Part 2 of a 3 part series - The show is only half over we've only seen a small portion of what's out there. Stick with us as we go get a bite to eat, a bit of rest and reload our camera for Saturday's festivities. Still coming up - Dean Markley's new amp releases, Randall, Parker, Washburn, Marshall, Blackstar, Eden, T-Rex and more - click here for Part 3

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