2011 NAMM in Review - Part 3

Anaheim, CA - January 2011 - It's Saturday and this is the big day. If you're going to go to NAMM and you can only go on one day - this is THE DAY to visit the show floor. There is so much going on. Tons of artist appearances, autograph sessions, artist demo's and then tonight, they will be concerts galore; Cheap Trick, Megadeth, Bootsy Collins, Dread Zeppelin, Andy McKee, Alex Skolnick Trio, Orianthi, Kobra Kai, Bernard Purdy, Sugar Ray and much, much more. Let's jump into Saturday - 

Dean Markley re-introduced their line of amps, which sounded great in the 80's and they've improved upon that with this new release:


Randall Amplfication has some great new products to bring LOUD back into your life


Parker Guitars introduced a new Vernon Reid Signature Series guitar


A new SLASH amp AND a new YNGWIE amp for 2011 - sounds like it's going to be an amazing year for Marshall


Washburn makes a solid and consistent line of great acoustic guitars - solid cedar tops, mahagony back and sides and affordable for days


Blackstar Amps - they get shut down by the Sound Police..........for being TOO LOUD...........er, isn't that what you want your amp to be???


For those of you from the 4 and 5 string world, Eden Electronics, makers of some kickin' bass amplification, show Guitar.com around their new releases


If you're not yet familiar with T-Rex EFX pedals, you need to go scope them out. They've got a full selection of everything a guitarist needs and they sound amazing!


Cleartone Strings has a new set of 80/20 strings they're pushing - they've got a great product and you're sure to hear more from them in 2011


L.R. Baggs also took microphone technology to a new level with their latest release, the Anthem - give your acoustic a new punch....check it out


Well that about wraps it up from the NAMM Show floor. Until next time - keep practicing!



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